The Study of Dynamic Motion: An Axis Syllabus Series in Four Parts

Everything Comes From The Feet

• A study of the architecture of the feet and myofascial pathways tied into them

• Reviewing some ideas around gait mechanics

• Playing with representation as we train our ability to observe

• Training to source power from the feet into and through the entire structure

Spinal Musings

• The functional design of the vertebrae

• Myofascial pathways relating to and through the spine

• Spinal mobility options

• Patterning a "global intelligence" for movement — from the feet, through the spine, and out into space

Axial Arcing

• The shoulder and hip Axis Arcs

• The angles associated with optimal force transmission through the hip and shoulder joints

• What it means to lead the limbs from the spine

• How can listening be a source of power? What does it mean to respect and identify boundaries? How do the joints inform us about living in relationships?

Reception and Perception

• Understanding the central and peripheral  nervous system

• The evolution of the nervous system

• The roles and histories of mechanical and chemical reception strategies

• The role of trauma in conditioning the NS

• How movement and disorientation prepares the NS for pliability and resilience

• Guest teacher TBA