Skills and Scores: An Online Subscription Series

This is a series of short online instructional videos that focus on movement concepts and skills to anchor them.  These videos are a simple production between 10-20 minutes that offer clear instruction, with written topic points ending in improvisation for practice and exploration.

For more information and to register for Skills and Scores go here.
SMS/ Strength, Mobility and Sensitivity: training with balance.

This course is designed to support people who are looking to create their own daily practice. These offerings are intended to help each student cultivate greater strength and conditioning, flexibility and mobility, and mindful awareness. This class will offer a variety of exercises that can be used to support daily health and promote coordination. The offerings will be movement based without a lot of talking, designed for you to move along with the video. This is a month long course consisting of 8 prerecorded segments of 30 minutes in length and will be available starting on Sunday September 20th released on Sunday and Thursday at 5pm PST.  After October 15th this course will be available in full at the time of purchase, to be used at your own convenience.

  • 8 training segments of 30 minutes in length, available Sundays and Thursdays September 20-October 15th, and sold all together as a package after October 15th.

For more information and to register for SMS go here

Graceful Movement under pressure

an online solo movement practice using tools form Capoeira and dance.

This class is designed to help cultivate a space of presence and adaptability to use in our lives and in our movement, even when times are tough. In this class we will practice maintaining orientation while everything around us is disorienting. This series will focus on spiral pathways, transitioning in and out of the floor, noticing ones breathe, going upside-down and inside out, practicing physical musicality and grace while flowing and communicating with the body. This class will rely mostly on Capoeira movement vocabulary, taught through the lens of creative movement and body mechanics.  This class is for dancers and Capoeiristas.

  • Classes will be held live online Mondays 10-11:15am PST,1-2:15 pm EST, 7-8:15pm Berlin. September 14th, 21st, 28th and Oct 5.
  • The classes will also be recorded and available for purchase for those who wish to attend but have conflicts with the time.

For more information and to register for Graceful Movement Under Pressure go here.

Capoeira with the body in mind

Capoeira with the body in mind. This is an ongoing mixed level online Capoeira class open to all. Mondays 12-1 PST

For more information and to register go here.

SAUDE: A Health Retreat for Movement Artists

An online movement event promoting health and balance in a time of disarray. This event will be offered over 5 Saturdays starting September 5th and ending October 10th. The classes will be with several skilled healing arts practitioners from our Capoeira community. I will be teaching one class entitled Freedom within Limitation: a movement class focusing on joint mechanics and the practice of alignment.  Saturday September 12th, 11am-12pm.Drop in or full event fees available.

For more information and to register for Saude go here.

The times are changing, and we are in this together.  My offerings are made to serve the moving and sensing human with a focus on cultivating the practice of embodiment.The intention of this practice is to build balance between mobility and stability, sensitivity and adaptability, musicality and creativity.

Photo by Ana Maynard