Spring 2020 Offerings

Skills & Scores

Short (<10 min.) instructional videos released every other Tuesday at 10AM, with the option for individual support.

  • Sharing movement skills and concepts to play with. Typically videos in this series will start from a small seed pattern or concept and then demonstrate possible elaborations and improvisations based on it.

Axis Syllabus & Dance (New)

Live 60 min. Zoom classes, 4 Fridays starting May 8th

  • The focus is on moving through the shell. As we shelter our "shells" can get crusty and thick in some ways, and fragile or porous in others. Our dancing will be centered around evening our "shells," thickening through the fragility and lightening the load of resistance.

Remote Movement & Therapeutics Instruction

Private sessions available in 30, 45, and 60-minute increments

  • I continue to offer 1-1 sessions via video call which can address any topic meaningful to your movement practice, anatomy instruction, injury rehabilitation, myofascial self care.

All Levels Capoeira Classes

Hourlong Zoom sessions every Monday at 12PM and every Friday at 6:30PM.

  • Capoeira with body in mind. Focus on biomechanics, musicality, and having fun.

Zoom dance class through Freeskewl

This Thursday 4/30 12pm PST: The Spiraling Spine: ramping and undulating through space in time, 75 minutes

  • This class will be an introduction to basic spinal mechanics and the application of those principals into spiraling patterns of movement. We will study anatomy, train mobility patterns, and apply what we learn to our dancing. All levels welcome.
  • Donation based

Educational Content (coming soon)

I am in the scripting phase for some longer tutorial videos to provide a functional-anatomical understanding of junctions and pathways in the body that are typically misunderstood. Knowledge and practices to help understand and better inhabit our design.

BAASE Re-Format (coming soon)

BAASE is happening June 22-28, 2020 in a virtual format, details will be announced soon.