Summer 2020

It is the end of Summer 2020, and there is so much that is coming to the surface. Racism, sexism and fascism have never been so obvious in our American culture and it is time to see things for what they are. The structures that obscured the isms can no longer hide them and I can not help but to see this as a healing crisis for American culture.

The United States has been growing its sickness from years of violence, denial and overactive consumerism. We have been hiding from our own shadow and finally there is nowhere to hide. If you are interested in these ideas please read this articleon the subject, written by anthropologist Wade Davis.

In a process of healing it is not uncommon to have an outbreak of some kind. A time of crisis where the sickness is fully revealed. I believe that this is a good metaphor for understanding the times and location (those of you in the U.S.A. or other places going through similar crisis) we are living in. I believe it is important to remember that this surfacing is an important step towards healing, but there is so much work to do. The work that I speak of is individual and collective. If anything has become clear at this time, it is how deeply and complexly we are all connected. Concepts of equity and justice have never been more relevant. It isn’t just a pandemic, but a global climate crisis. Our choices are more than just our own. We effect one another so much, and in so many different ways, that what we choose to do is as important as how we do it.

Is it enough to be personally safe if ones entire community is at risk of burning down? How do we balance personal responsibility with our responsibility towards creating community health? What does it mean to create health within these conditions?

The answers to these questions are unique for each of us. Our adaptive and reflective movement practices are so helpful right now for gaining insight and staying sane. I find my practice is helping me to see and take action in the direction that is in alignment with my values and not just my fears. For me, this is time to reevaluate what has been, and to use my creativity to envision what will be. But before we can rebuild, we must make change, or space for change.

During this time, I have finally acted on something I have been thinking about for years. I have made a huge change and have left my home at 906 Hearst ave., Berkeley CA. I will miss the studio that many of you know. It has been a sanctuary of healing and creativity from its inception. It has helped me to help you all and I will miss it immensely. This is a choice that I have been chewing on for a while, and have finally found the clarity and courage to act upon. Please feel free to email or message me if you are interested in any of the details around this decision.

I am currently in Hawaii and will return in October to finish out the school year with my daughter, and to continue to see clients and to teach. I plan on continuing to work in the Bay Area throughout the year, and possibly the next, where in I will transition to what comes next (currently unknown).

When I return in October I will be working out of a new space located at 3326 Dwight way, behind the UC Berkeley campus.It will be different but also a beautiful healing sanctuary to receive treatment.

I will continue to offer more online and in person classes this fall starting in September.