Start of Winter

Start of Winter

Here in southern Vermont we’ve had our first frosts and snows. We have put the garden beds to rest with cover crop and compost. The days are short, and the brief windows of light are beautiful. I am taking this time of rest in the Field Center garden to create new offerings.

Jogo de Cinturas

Last weekend we hosted our first capoeira event at the Field Center, Jogo de Cinturas. I feel profound gratitude for this ritual art form and for being able to bring it in this beautiful way to our center. Hopefully this will be the start of an ongoing presence for capoeira arts here in our space. More photos and videos will be showing up on social media soon.

Announcing VESSEL, an Axis Syllabus© mentorship program

It is with great excitement that I am announcing the start of a new mentorship offering, designed for people who are interested in becoming teachers of the Axis Syllabus©, or using AS to deepen their movement or healing arts practices.

This program has been many months in the dreaming and making in response to years of questions and conversations with students about how they can continue their AS studies in a systematic way.

I have designed this program specifically for those who wish to cultivate their teaching practices (and perhaps work towards certification). The mentorship does not imply certification, but I believe it can offer a structure to learn the essential theoretical content of the AS, as well as develop embodied pedagogical skill in preparation for teaching this material.

Go here to learn more and send an inquiry

Please have a look and reach out (you can reply to this email) if you have any questions.


After several years I have made a small increase in my bodywork session prices. This is my new regular price structure:

  • 60m - $120
  • 75m - $140
  • 90m - $160
  • 2h - $200

Of course I will always work out payment options for anyone needing treatment. 

Thank you for being with me in this life learning, healing and growing together.