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Nuria Latifa Bowart is a professional dancer and movement artist; a student, practitioner, and teacher of Capoeira with the rank of Mestra; a practicing manual therapist and Certified Rolfer®; a movement educator authorized as a Teacher and Certifier within the Axis Syllabus© international research community; and a mother of two.

Pololū, Hawaiʻi

Nuria holds over 25 years of vocational research and practice across multiple therapeutic, martial, and artistic disciplines rooted in the expressive, relational, and healing capacities of the human body. She is deeply engaged with traditional forms of yoga, Western somatics, choreographic and improvisational movement arts, functional anatomy research, and more.

She is co-founder of the Field Center in southern Vermont, a residency and pedagogical center for contemporary heterodox arts practices where she currently lives, works, and manages the garden.

Nuria teaches across the US and internationally.

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Dance & Performance
Nuria dances professionally, for pleasure, and in prayer. She has been dancing her whole life and began her choreographic career as a child directing friends at sleepovers. She engaged since childhood studying and cultivating the skill of sensing and moving with rhythms, for both healing and expression. After taking dance
Capoeira Arts
For over 25 years Nuria (AKA Marreta) has been a committed practitioner of the afro-Brazilian martial, musical, ritual art form called capoeira. In December 2023 she was graduated to the level of Mestra by Mestre Acordeon. Nuria was introduced to capoeira in 1995 with Mestre Joao Grande and began training
Formally trained and certified as a Rolfer® in 1997, Nuria has maintained a private practice in multi-modal therapeutic bodywork since 1998. Over more than two decades as a manual therapist, Nuria has deeply refined her acuity and skill in assessing and influencing myofascial, tensional, and somatic patterns. She draws on
Movement Education
Nuria is a certifying teacher of the Axis Syllabus© (AS), which is her primary framework for movement pedagogy. The Axis Syllabus is an evolving body of practical approaches, theoretical research, and pedagogical methods related to human movement. It is continually developed by an active international community and was originally initiated


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