BAASE registration is live, and a last call for Modes of Modulation

BAASE registration is live, and a last call for Modes of Modulation
BAASE 2019, photo by Asha Passalacqua

It is time to plan the garden. The weather is warm, then cold. Rainy then snowy, then sunny. I have been pruning all of the fruit trees. A strangely aggressive yet collaborative act. The tulips are emerging, the garlic is growing and I am about to plant my first starts in the dark of the new moon in the basement on heating pads to keep the soil warm.

I am in the second month of the Mentorship project VESSEL. This structure is my first attempt to compile a year long modular on-line learning curriculum for movement teachers and those interested in becoming teachers of the Axis Syllabus. There is so much to focus on when discussing human movement and selecting the progression of concepts is a complex task.

This past month I have been teaching on Fascial Anatomy, concepts of tensegrity, and ways of using language to describe the human body in movement. My hope is that my students will become interested in the concepts, engage in their own research and collaborations, and continue to cultivate skill in their ability to articulate what they are observing. I do find that life is challenging in all of its complexity and change, and that through the study of the fascial system we can find a way to understand a form within the complexity and a deeply interconnected nature that is anything but “free”, rather it shows us the conditional nature of well being and the prioritization of relationships through movement in space.

I will not be back in the Bay Area until late May, early June. Look out the next newsletter with a link to schedule for bodywork. I miss you all.

The Bay Area Axis Syllabus Exchange is back!

Early bird registration is now live

The Bay Area is has a long history of nurturing teachers of the Axis Syllabus.

BAASE is a chance for Bay Area and US West Coast Axis Syllabus Teachers and Teacher Candidates to share their research

This year BAASE will be held at the Finnish Hall in Berkeley from June 27-30.

The Axis Syllabus is an evolving body of practical approaches, theoretical research, and pedagogical methods related to human movement. It is continually developed by an active international community and was originally initiated by the renowned American dancer, choreographer, and author Frey Faust.

AS draws on knowledge bases of biomechanics, anatomy, physics, Western medical sciences, physiology, anthropology, and empirical research. The Axis Syllabus explores anatomy in a dynamic, “alive” context, using dance and motion as investigative tools.

For more information about BAASE and to register go HERE.

Last call for Modes of Modulation at The Field Center

Next weekend I am teaching with Belinda He at the Field Center. There are still spaces available. This workshop explores concepts of “support” through the lenses of the Axis syllabus and Feldenkrais. You can see a short promo reel for the workshop here on Instagram.