End of the Year

End of the Year
Teaching at the Field Center’s Fall Contact Improvisation Jam

We have arrived at the last month of 2023. The land in Vermont is covered in snow and the Field Center is taking a much needed rest. I feel proud of our work this year supporting artists and I am growing as an artist myself through our programming, as both a participant and facilitator.

Bodywork Availability in the Bay Area

I will be in the Bay Area next week and have opened my books for bodywork sessions between the 6th and 11th. As always if you’d like to schedule a session please view availability and sign up.


At the end of this year I am hosting a performance installation at the Field Center for my birthday, called Diagizine. In this project around 30 people from across the globe are coming together to create and share stories of living, aging, and dying.

Together we will celebrate the cycle of life and death that we are all part of. This project is designed to generate narratives of letting go and acceptance that may help us all to move more gracefully — not only up and out, but down and in.

VESSEL: Axis Syllabus Mentorship Program

In my last newsletter I announced VESSEL, a new yearly mentorship program beginning this February. It is a unique offering I have been developing to fill the need for a structured, long term program of study of movement pedagogy through the lens of the Axis Syllabus©. If you have a professional connection with movement education and/or healing arts (or aspire to), this offering may be for you.

To learn more about VESSEL and send an application/inquiry please visit this page. Spaces are filling and I will be accepting applications until January 15th or until there are no more spaces.

Supporting the arts

If you are looking for nonprofits to support before the end of the year, please consider donating to the Field Center, which is its own 501(c)(3), or Berkeley Capoeira via Fractured Atlas.

Both of these organizations rely on the generosity of donors to continue to do their work in the world.