May offerings

May offerings
At my mother’s home in Tuscon

I have been spending time in Arizona with my mother. She is almost 90 and now meeting her first serious health crisis. Her mortality is plainly evident and I am experiencing the feelings of unraveling.

Although we have existed as separate bodies for almost 50 years I feel how we are still intimately connected. As the body from which I came enters this ultimate stage of letting-go, the waves of grief and wonder in my own body are rhythmic.

I find myself spontaneously crying or dancing or singing. Making use of the human tools for transformation.

I am grateful that my work allows me to practice and share the vessels that carry me across the most challenging rivers.

This weekend I will be teaching in San Diego, California; and May 19-21 I will teach at the Field Center in Vermont, where I have also opened availability for bodywork sessions.