Memory and Softening

Memory and Softening

When we are born we are so soft.

We fold and slip through a 10 cm tunnel. Although we enter the world with certain blueprints, it is an accumulation of memories that shapes our growth.

We remember not just with our minds, but with our bodies. We record our experiences in our bones, fascia, nervous system. We record what the body-mind expects it will need to remember to survive.

In the course of a lifetime what starts soft tends to become hard, what is elastic tends to become brittle. Openness and receptivity give way to fixed patterns of tension.

Knowing that we accumulate tension with age, that we hold onto more and more in the name of “readiness,” I am curious: How might we find more symmetry between holding-onto and letting-go?

Understanding that trauma plays a major role in the ways we organize our reality, can we learn to forget as much as we remember?

What kinds of memories help us to stay soft as we move through life? How do we cultivate softness, not just the tensional readiness, needed to meet uncertainty? What practices support our ability to fold and slide through the many portals that life presents between birth and death?

Nomadic College at Earthdance, October 1-14

This October I will be teaching at the Nomadic College at Earthdance, in Western Massachusetts. The Nomadic College is an opportunity to enter deeply into the Axis Syllabus body of research and practice. I will be teaching along movement artist and educator Claire Reid, and Frey Faust, author of the Axis Syllabus.

More information and registration here

Availability for bodywork and movement sessions

I have updated my availability for bodywork sessions at the Field Center in Vermont through the end of the month, which you can see and book at

I am also opening availability for 1-1 online movement sessions (held via Zoom), which can include both theoretical and practical instruction, you can view my availability and request a time at

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Please stay tuned for an announcement next week about a new program of structured mentorship for commited Axis Syllabus practitioners and aspiring teachers.

In the meantime don't forget to sign up for the Nomadic College coming up in less than 4 weeks!