Moving Underwater

Moving Underwater
Photo by Chani Bockwinkel

Grief is a river with a force that you cannot control. You can try to clamber out and get pummeled against the rocks, or surrender and let it take you into the unknown depths of loss. Traveling through time in all directions without a compass. With pain as the sun around which you orbit. Loss is a practice of swimming.

I can’t describe the feelings any better than moving underwater. When those I love hug me, I cry. I prefer a day quiet at home with my children, even if we are in separate rooms, to anything else. The power of blood-relationship is tangible and its depth is a comfort to me.

My work is also a source of comfort. Listening to the body, helping people and being in community, these things support me. Every moment is so precious.

Bodywork availability in the Bay Area

I am still in the Bay Area and offering sessions through July 2nd. I believe i still have a few sessions available. If interested please visit my Savvycal to view availability and book your time.

Upcoming Teaching in Vermont and Berkeley

Towards the end of this month I am teaching at the Field Center and at The Finnish Hall. There are still spots available in both events for those who wish to join:

Rehearsing Well Being

June 20-23 at the Field Center, VT

This workshop is going to be a beautiful process together with some of my favorite humans. All are welcome.


June 27-30 at the Finnish Hall, Berkeley, CA

I am excited to be teaching on Thursday and Sunday for the return of the Bay Area Axis Syllabus Exchange alongside a number of other West Coast Axis Syllabus teachers. All are welcome.