New offerings and SF Bay Area dates

New offerings and SF Bay Area dates

Today it is August 8th. We have already traveled through the heart of the summer and are entering into the autumn quarter of seasonal time (1/2 way between the summer solstice and the equinox).

With each passing day we co-create and coexist within a complex network of moving masses. As the time and space within and around us changes, so do we. It is possible to feel what is moving inside us, supported by that which is swirling and changing around us (planets, plants and weather).

This is an excellent time to begin the deeper research of what lies within. And in support of this, here are my offerings...

New East Coast Offerings 2021/2022 at The Field Center in Vermont

November 18-21, 2021
Everything comes from the Feet: Utilizing the feet as a pathway to channel the force of gravity

February 17-20, 2022
Spinal Musings: Studying and coordinating the mobility centers of the spine

May 19-22, 2022
Axial Arcing: Moving the limbs from the spine

August 18-23, 2022
Reception and perception: A study of the Nervous System

For more information or to register please visit

SF Bay Area Dates

I have a change of the dates that I am visiting the Bay Area. I will NO LONGER be visiting September 25-October 2

  • My NEW DATES for September are going to be September 2-7th.

Please feel free to schedule at

The other dates for in-person scheduling availability for 2021 in the Bay Area are:

  • October 28- November 2nd
  • November 29th-December 5th

Sessions are first come, first serve, so please schedule in advance and online.

I look forward to seeing you soon!