Summer Season

Summer Season
faces from front to back are Danielle Emmette, Charlotte Stickles and Elana Chocrane

This month we finished Axial Arcing, the third workshop module within a four part Axis Syllabus training series at the Field Center. This is my first year teaching 4 full days as a sole teacher-facilitator (of course with deep support from staff and students). I enjoy and believe in this in-depth, sequentially layered learning strucure, and intend to teach another series in this format next year.

The next and final module in the current series is called Reception and Perception: A Study of the Nervous System. It will take place over 6 days in August, from the 15-20th. You are invited to reserve your space here.

At the Field Center I have been growing my knowledge and skill in planting food and making a garden in the Northeast. One insight from the field is the role of parallel planting and pruning on the healthy life of a cultuvated plant. It is necessary to tend to the grouping of seeds to support their growth. Some seeds like to cluster close with their similar neighbors, some like being with different companions to grow, while others need lots of space to thrive. Sound familiar? I am struck by the parallels between the needs of plants and how closely this mirrors my observations of the needs of humans. I am grateful for this opportunity to witness and learn from my nonhuman companions. I accept all versions of being.

Finally, my schedule working in the Bay Area is shifting from one-month to two-month intervals for the next year. I will be offering bodywork sessions in Oakland from June 29th through July 5th (note the new booking link).

Thank you