The constant of change

The constant of change
Holding my mother’s hand in April 2024

Time is passing and with it, so do I, pass through and into something else, someone else, somewhere else.

On April 9th my mother died. The miracle of death was revealed to me. This great exhale, the letting go and falling apart that comes with grief. The cosmic coordinations that reveal their presence through divine timing and synchronicities.

How can I ever forget, for even one moment, just how impermanent this all is? And how can I continue to plan my life and participate in life when the body from which I came is no longer standing?

The land on which we stand remains, until it doesn’t, and then what? I seek what is solid, but as i grab for it, it crumbles through my fingers. Nothing remains the same. Change is the only constant. Movement is change. Here we are moving through it all, together.


Registration for BAASE is open, early bird has been extended a few days until the end of this week, May 3rd.

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Bodywork in the Bay Area

It has been too long, and I am happy to say that I will be returning to the Bay Area and offering bodywork and movement sessions May 28-June 16. I will be working in both Oakland in late May and then out of Kensington in June. Please look at the address before coming to your appointment.

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Rehearsing Well Being: Shaping Models for Togethering

June 20-22nd Rehearsing well being with Kevin O’Connor and Ruth Douthright and the Sweetlabour collective. It is my great honor to work with them and other members of the collective exploring and practicing well being.

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I look forward to seeing you whenever our paths may cross.