Winter Wondering

Winter Wondering
The Field Center 02/2002 Sky Studio

With snow and ice all around, the study of movement has been interesting.

The winter light is short but strong when reflected by the snow.

The cold brings quiet and stillness, but is also dangerous.

Winter is full of pulling inward. It is a time of ossification; a kind of coallescing of whatever has been swirling around into something more solid and reliable.

It is time for another chapter from the Axis Syllabus. February 17-20th @ the Field Center. I will be teaching about the human spine. This workshop is for movers of all kinds.

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The spine is at the center of human movement and life. During this workshop we will look at the boney design of the spine, soft tissue supports, and its functional imitations. This workshop will help us begin to evaluate and train how the spine can move dynamically and without causing injury. This workshop will offer the participant a chance to empower themselves with knowledge. With knowledge and training, any discomfort can be used as a map toward healing, and many movement puzzles can be solved.

I look forward to crossing paths again soon.